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Art Plus Home new app technology for art lovers ( available at any app stores)

The Art Plus Home Application and Software Platform

Would you like to join our Art Plus Home project?


ArtPlusHome is a software platform that provides an augmented reality shopping experience via mobile and wearable apps to help consumers decorate their home
We are art & design lovers with a global vision of bringing art and designer items from one part of the world to the other part of the world, while enhancing people's life worldwide.
Sounds very "worldly" right? yes, we know, but we also believe that through our technology, we can make this dream come true.

Here is how it works:

Buying almost anything for your home is a lot like going to war: it's messy, it takes forever and you just don't know how it will look like in the end.

We've all been here before - the fights about which painting goes on which wall, the debates over the correct shade of green, the stress of deciding whether to buy that oh-so-perfect-but-will-it-blend-with-my-living room - coffee table.

Well, we've had enough. I'm sure you've had it too. We're bringing back the fun into decorating your home and keeping the peace around the house!

Using the latest technology, you can now choose, visualize, and buy art pieces and furniture through your your smart phone. Innovative and Interactive, we make decorating your home fast, convenient and argument-free.

Using this app is really simple:

Step 1: Take a photo of the space you want to decorate (living room, bedroom, etc.)

Step 2: Request items by their specification (such as size, color and price range.) the system will then search from our wide array of online gallery for art pieces, furniture, and home accessories.

Step 3: You will get superimpose options, prompting all the items you chose to be displayed on the photo you took. Now, so you can visualize how they come together. (All in a matter of minutes!)

Step 4: You can share the photo with your family and friends to ask for their opinions.

Step 5: If you love what you see, just click "Buy" and the system will purchase all the items for you, right then and there.

If you're an artist/or home accessories designer:

You can increase your sales by posting your artwork through our database gallery at www.ArtPlusHome.com

All intellectual property rights reserved. U.S. patent pending. The trademark Art+Home is the property of Dary Rees Corp. © 2014 Dary Rees Corp.

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· For Artists (wall art, painters, photographers, sculptures’)

· For the home furniture & lighting industry

· For interior Designer & architects

· For Investors & VC

· For Marketing individuals & companies

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Looking forward to your thoughts and questions.
Dary Rees
Founder / CEO

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Testimonial from artist who used ArtPlusHome app
Testimonial from artist who used ArtPlusHome app

This artist sold 2 painting in the first week of uploading her art to the ArtPlusHome app. Listen to her story...

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