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( *** artwork by David Hinnebusch: "not A slave SHIP" , original painted on board )

Artists are socially conscious to the environment, to the news, economics and life changing events. We are strong believers that art is a great tool to deliver current issues.

This particularly holds true in the current crisis and economic turmoil, the issue of gaining strength through the medium of art is a very important issue that no one should give up on, despite the current affairs.

Due to this fact, we came up with our concept, collecting as many of our artists to deliver their message in the form of a portfolio. Each portfolio includes 5 artists.

These self-contained cases are designed by Dary Rees. Each case is handmade and is a piece of art, onto itself! These can be customized on the cover of each case with a personal message as per your specifications.

The portfolio is being offered at a fraction of its real value and will increase its worth, due to our constant marketing and public relation efforts. It is our intent to have this work become notable and collectible which will have an effect on your portfolio.

We hope that you share this vision and will want to commission one or more pieces, from the artists’ work, for your collection.

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