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art gallery venice beach freedom of speech"Life Is A Mistake That Only Art Can Correct"

What Drives Us:

Our immediate goal is to create online artists - design gallery & community with a niche in what Venice is all about: the unusual, hard to find art & artists, who share the same Venice Attitude and Freedom of expression.

We are looking to have multitudes of talented artists join this community, from around the world.
The Very Venice global vision is to combine artist communities from around the world & create one big online community - bringing local artwork from one part of the world to all ends of the world.

Also to commission art projects from impoverished countries around the world, and to assist their local communities in generating income to better their situations.

Our Mission Statement:

Specialize in Venice beach style art that is wild and controversial, “out there”, American art.
Art that is upbeat, makes you happy and give you energy,
  • Making you feel young again
  • Makes you want to fly and soar, to make a statement in the world;
  • Making the world a better place.
  • To dance, to hug everyone around you, to embrace world diversity,
  • To scream out: ...That there is more to life and that we are all connected and a part of something bigger than the individual
      • …but really simple and basic at the same time.

This is the energy you will get, when you see and experience the Very Venice artists and their artwork.

By owning part of their creative vision, it will remind you that deep inside, there is a free spirit who wants to shout out and break free.

Free of misconceptions, disabilities, stigma & norm (what is the “norm”?) …and everything that resembles living or thinking in an “in the box” environment.

Venice Beach is all about speaking your mind, not being afraid to let your spirit soar.

Join us, be a part of the VeryVenice community, and enjoy a free flying experience....

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