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We are proud to present this innovative section that will feature the following:

· Check out our new Google Glass project

· Interviews with artists & designers in their own studios, featuring details of their work, mission and vision in life.

· Spotlight of art collectors and their art collections: how they collect art, what motivates them to collect that specific type of art, what are they willing to sell and details of that artist and the story behind their work.

· Spotlight on popular products and the story behind them.

· Viral video contest: we conduct a contest for short videos about the gallery that will go viral through our Ambassadors and all of our contacts. The winning video artist will get extensive exposure, including a feature in our press release and blog, both of which will be sent to various media sources and will be emailed to all our customers in the newsletter.

· Our activist projects and the progress of our work.

· Blogs & articles & video: (**** check the company from the Israel conference that converts written articles into videos : ask them if they want to promote it on my website for free and link it to them)

· How to join us: a video that explains the different ways you can join our gallery and online community and the benefits to you as artists, to the designers and the customers.

Calling all video artists:

Please contact us. We are looking for talented people who can assist us in building this section.

Check the video posts we already have on YouTube.

Video from our grand opening party:

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